As a Dominant, I’m often asked what my favourite kinks are. I don’t even need to stop and think: Inspection, Fisting, and Clamping. Obviously I enjoy a good spanking or bondage scene too, and I’ll cover those and the first two topics in separate posts, but in this article I want to focus on clamping.

The reason why clamping is so much fun is because it takes the already pleasurable experience of having your nipples played with, and turns it up to 11. Of course, if you’re someone who doesn’t get any benefit from nipple play (like me) then it probably won’t do anything for you, but you can still have fun doing it to someone else 😉 Oh, and the same techniques can be applied to the genitals too, so there’s plenty of fun to be had!


As with many BDSM practices, there are some important safety considerations to bear in mind. Clamps work by restricting the blood supply to the nipples to cause pain, but this is something that should be done carefully. Different styles of clamp have different effects, so always start slow and work your way up.

The nipples should still be pink or slightly white when the clamps are on – if they go blue or purple, remove the clamps immediately. Medical professionals recommend using clamps continually for no more than 30 minutes at a time, however many experienced users claim to be able to wear them for hours with no ill effect. You may also experience skin flaking off the nipple if they are left on too long, but this should heal in a week or so.

What’s so great about clamps?

Nipple clamps work by restricting the blood flow to the nipples; this causes some pain (good pain) in itself. Then, when the clamps are released, the rush of blood back to the nerves generates a second wave of even stronger sensation – which can be prolonged by rubbing and playing with the nipples once the clamps are off.

There are different styles of clamps, from basic clothespeg style (yes, the things you use to hang your laundry) up to complex works of art, and even vibrating ones for a little extra buzz. The latest clamps are magnetic, and are discrete enough to wear under your clothes!

Clamps to try

Basic / Beginner clamps

These clamps are all suitable for beginners, because they have adjustable tension and quick release. You can use the screws to adjust how tight they grip; as you become more experienced, simply adjust the screw for more pressure, or to ease off a bit. When you’ve had enough, they can all be quickly removed simply by squeezing the clamp open. When you’re just starting out, it’s best to avoid clamps that need to be unscrewed to remove them, as you could get it wrong in the heat of the moment!

The two sets with a chain give you additional benefits; the movement of the chain will be felt in the nipples, and tugging on the chain can increase the sensation. And of course, leading the wearer to bed by the chain never gets old!

Intermediate clamps

These clamps are all adjustable, but they’re not so quick to remove. The bell clamps are perfect for “training” your partner to stand perfectly still, for example – try using a remote control toy on them to see how long they can go without moving! The “barrel” clamps are ideal for attaching weights to, and the vice style are useful if crocodile clip clamps tend to fall off too easily.

Serious contenders only

Now we’re getting to the sharp end of nipple play. If the extra clamping strength of the clover-style clamps isn’t enough already, fill the buckets to add extra weight to your poor subject’s nips! I have it on good authority that the magnetic balls are quite intense – the small surface area and strong magnetic force combine to make them evil (a submissive of mine can wear normal clamps for long periods, but can only mange two minutes of these). And the Tower of Pain – well. This is a favourite. Place the base against your victim’s sternum (I mean willing partner, not victim), attach the clover clamps to their delicate, sensitive nipples, and then twist the ball to start stretching! You might need earplugs to block out the screams of, erm, pleasure?

Nips & clits

I did mention that clamps can be used on genitals, so here are some examples – either by epplying pressure either side of the clit (Fifty Shades) or by clamping to the labia; and we have one for the boys too 😉

Check out the Nipple Clamps & Pussy Clamps section for plenty more options; just remember to read the safety instructions, and familiarise yourself with how to apply and remove them before use.

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